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Personal Protective Equipment



ALL products supplied by XIE SHENG TAI are produced from materials which comply with relevant laws and regulations which allow to be used in direct contact with food.

about us

Since 1998, our team has been committing to the PPE industry in Foshan city, Guangdong province, PRC. Our service includes research, development, manufacturing, import and export PPE-related products from raw material to final products. From its inception, our team has always been insisting on tailoring safe, reliable and trustworthy PPE solutions. Providing a safer working environment for front-line workers and becoming a ‘global expert in PPE solutions’ has always been our team's vision and goal.

Products developed, manufactured and supplied by XST include but are not limited to Caps, Earplugs, Beard covers, Respirators, Safety glasses, Lab coats, Coveralls, Isolation gowns, Aprons, Rain suits, Hoods, Sleeves, Gloves, Boot covers, Shoe covers, etc. All products supplied by XST are strictly abode by the corresponding market rules, laws and regulations. After 24 years of intensive cultivation, our products have outstanding performance in aspect of quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and supply stability. Therefore, our customers have been showing a good level of satisfaction with our products and service. And customers who maintain long-term business cooperation with us are from the whole world.

Every step of our team's development has been showing a deep understanding of the PPE industry. We have been and will continue adhering to the core values of safety, reliability and trustworthiness. Also, we will constantly improve our ability in all aspects relating to PPE industry, to meet and exceed all your needs relating to the PPE solution.

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